Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance

Regulation of Digital Financial Services

Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance


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This 4-week course is a general introduction to the world of money laundering, terror financing and, proliferation financing and the regulatory frameworks, policy, and analytical tools required to combat them.

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May 4, 2023

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April 30, 2023

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September 28, 2023

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September 24, 2023

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4 Weeks




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Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance

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Is This Course For You?

Navigating the complicated web of regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements governing anti-money laundering efforts and attempts to counter the financing of terrorism and organised crime through digital financial services is complicated at best. This course aims to give students the knowledge and tools necessary for doing so.

Acting as a compliance training course, it focuses on the importance of the Financial Action Task Force’s 40 recommendations and the implications for governments and financial services providers in countering money laundering and terror financing. The course will provide an understanding of the various tools and skills needed to develop risk assessments and to identify suspicious transactions. It will also provide insights into the importance of artificial intelligence, blockchains and big-data analytics as practical interventions in curbing illicit and illegal financial flows.

This course is designed for professionals who need a regulation and compliance course focused on anti-money laundering and countering terror financing in the digital financial services space. It will also benefit professionals working in financial inclusion and sustainable economic development who would like to develop their understanding of the relevant regulatory frameworks.

What Are The Intended Outcomes?

Students will leave the course able to identify and discuss frameworks, regulations and how they are changed and challenged by ongoing innovations in the sector. Students will leave with the tools and insights necessary for combating money laundering and terrorism financing and to develop informed risk assessments.