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This 4-week course looks at the broad landscape of digital identity, covering the main reference schemes such as Aadhaar, eEstonia, BankID, and Mobile Connect.

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Sep 9, 2022

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Sep 4, 2022


4 Weeks




Digital Frontiers Institute
Digital Identity

Course Information

Is This Course For You?

This course looks at the broad landscape of digital identity, covering the main reference schemes such as Aadhaar, eEstonia, BankID, and Mobile Connect. We explore the importance and different forms of ID, what they are and what they mean for financial services. We focus on how it is affected by global developments, understanding SDGs and financial inclusion issues and explore the impact of digital evolution gaining insight into trust frameworks. The course provides an understanding of ID approaches zooming in on how the roles of authority and use cases varies. We unpack categories of digital ID schemes and extract insights from eID examples from the developing world. The course exposes you to the rapidly emerging category of private ID providers, new models and business cases. And finally, it provides an understanding of the development of a digital identity strategy and the different environments affecting it.

This course is designed to meet the knowledge and competency needs of digital finance professionals who are not (yet) experts in the field of digital ID, but who wish to get a comprehensive grounding in the field. It is preferred that students attending this course have an undergraduate degree and/or two years of relevant work experience. This course integrates well with AML-CFT courses in the regulatory stream and extreme inclusion courses under customers and products.

What Are The Intended Outcomes?

On completing the course, students will be able to understand the core language and concepts of the emerging field of digital identity technology, describe and compare both public and private leading models of digital ID provision, assess a scheme against the principles and emerging standards for digital ID and interrogate an ID provider to understand their proposition better.

Curriculum Outline

Module 1

Building the Language of Identity

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Why Does Identity Matter?
  • What is Digital Identity?
  • Identity Laws and Frameworks
  • Biometrics in Identity Schemes

Module 2

Public and Public-Private Approaches to ID

  • Assessing and Comparing National ID Systems
  • Foundational e-IDs: Aadhaar in India
  • National IDs: eEstonia
  • Bank-issued models: BankID and BVN Nigeria
  • Brokered models: Verify
  •  Use Case: Remote Account Opening, Onboarding Off Foundational Digital IDs

Module 3

Private ID Models

  • Superplatform Issued IDs: Facebook Connect and GoogleID
  • Mobile-issued IDs: GSMA’s MobileConnect
  • Architecture of Self-sovereign IDs
  • Comparing New Selfsovereign Networks: Sovrin, Civic, Global
  • Towards Building an ID Strategy for FSP

Module 4

Applications of Identity

  • Consumer ID Journeys: A Demand Side View
  • Extreme ID: The Case of Refugees and Documented Individuals
  • Digital IDs for Entities: Companies and Things
  • Course Take-aways, Reviews and the Future